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Singapore is the third most wealthiest country.

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Key Features

  • All-In-One Tool

    Track, Manage and Plan for all your essential financial needs with beautiful and interactive charts.

  • Made for All

    No matter if you are tracking your assets, managing your insurance portfolio or planning for retirement and education, this application caters for everyone and anyone.

  • Social Circles

    Manage you and your loved ones' financial portfolio under one roof.

  • Pure & Simple

    No fluff. Clean and intuitive interface allows you to deal with all your finanical needs efficiently.

  • Documentation

    Paper-free approach that allows you to keep track of all your financial data anytime, anywhere.

  • Multiplatform

    Use this application anywhere! Be it at the comfort of your home using the web version, or conveniently using your smartphones.


Anywhere, anytime

FinancialRuler works on PC, iPhones and iPads.
So that you can enjoy the same experience on different platforms.

Ready to Start managing your finance?

WHY use FinancialRuler?

  • Data Tracking

    Record and track all your information easily, see all your numbers in a bird's-eye view!

  • Aggregated Information

    Leave all the number crunching to us! Just put in your numbers, and we will show you all the information you need!

  • Financial Social Circles

    Easily share your financial portfolio to your loved ones. You can even show your agent your financial portfolio without showing too much details.



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